Social Dynamx Joins Facebook Customer Care Market

By David Cohen 

Social Dynamx made its entry into the customer-care sector for Facebook and other social networks today with the debut of its enterprise-class social customer care platform.

By now, customer care and social media have become so intertwined with one another than new entrants into the marketplace like Social Dynamx have more competition than we can fit in just one paragraph.

But adoption of Facebook customer care software has a way to go, as a survey by MarketTools found that about one quarter of 331 companies surveyed had such technology in place — that was as of October, so presumably things have gone up since then.

Social Dynamx said its solution is designed for large enterprises and customer contact centers to identify, prioritize, and manage millions of one-on-one social conversations.

The Social Dynamx platform has been running in stealth mode since last January, and Chief Executive Officer Mike Betzer said that in dealing with early customers such as Convio, Time Warner Cable, and Dish Network, the company found that anywhere from 5,000 to 58,000 things were being said about those companies each day, between Facebook, Twitter, forums, and blogs.

Betzer added that the goal of his company’s solution is not to replace systems that its customers already have in place, but to help their customer-service personnel respond quickly and efficiently by allowing them to “to go where the customers are, talk to the customers who want to talk to you, and drive down support costs.”

He pointed out that most companies are responding to fewer social media posts per hour than phone calls, saying that the automated prioritization and matching enabled by the Social Dynamx platform will streamline the process for customer-service personnel.

In addition, should a catastrophic event occur, such as a channel being down on a cable system during a big game, the platform allows supervisors to respond to several posts at the same time. From the customer side, the responses look like one-to-one responses, and not bulk messages.

The platform also enables customer-service personnel to identify the most influential customers by using metrics such as Klout, as well as customer influence white lists.

Features of the Social Dynamx platform include:

  • Role-specific interfaces for agents, supervisors, and managers;
  • Automated prioritization and matching;
  • Service level agreement-driven analytics;
  • Advanced conversation management;
  • Enterprise-scale workflows across distributed teams;
  • Continuous self-learning; and
  • Pre-built enterprise ecosystem integrations (customer relationship management, listening, and knowledge).

The next step for the Social Dynamx platform, according to Betzer, will be the involvement of non-customer-service personnel, such as product managers, dispatchers, human resources, legal, and engineers, to provide expert engagement, as he pointed out, “It’s not always customer-service people who should handle issues.”