96% Of Small Businesses Are On Facebook: Report

By David Cohen Comment

A survey of 1,972 small businesses found that a staggering 96 percent of them are using Facebook as a marketing tool, and 86 percent found the social network to be effective.

These figures from engagement marketing company Constant Contact come in higher than anything we’ve seen yet for small businesses’ presence on the social network.

Other findings from the Constant Contact survey include:

  • 81 percent of respondents reported that their small businesses used social marketing during the third quarter, up from 73 percent this past spring;
  • 60 percent said they respond to all comments on social media platforms;
  • 24 percent said they responded sometimes; and
  • 16 percent admitted to not responding at all;

Other forms of marketing used by respondents included:

    • Websites, 98 percent;
    • Email marketing, 95 percent);
    • Online advertising 66 percent, and
    • Event marketing, 55 percent).

Constant Contact General Manager of Social Media Mark Schmulen said:

Small businesses are still learning how social media marketing can help them grow their customer relationships. Just six months ago, they were learning the ropes and finding out what social media marketing tools were available. Now, they are beginning to understand more about what social media marketing can do for them.

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