Less Than 1 Million Facebook Users Voted On Policy Changes

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook asked users to vote on whether or not they should be able to vote on future changes to the policy that governs what the company does with users’ data. To keep the old process of voting in place, 30 percent of Facebook’s 1 billion-strong user base had to vote for that, but it appears that less than 1 million officially voiced their opinions. However, those who have voted clearly want to keep the status quo.

The vote officially closed at noon PT today (Monday). Facebook’s Site Governance page announced that voting has ended:

The Facebook Site Governance vote is now closed. Thank you for your participation. We will be announcing the results and the next steps regarding the governance process shortly, so check back soon.

When we hear any more comments from Facebook, we will be sure to let you know.

As of noon PT, around 589,000 users had voted to keep the current data use policy and statement of rights and responsibilities in place, compared with about 79,000 who approve of Facebook’s proposed changes.


When Facebook announced that it was going to change its data use policy and its statement of rights and responsibilities, several users were unhappy. Many users commented on the note posted by Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s vice president of communications, public policy, and marketing, forcing the site to open it up for a vote. However, in order to keep the current policy, 30 percent of the Facebook membership has to vote for it. Facebook also sent out an email blast to all users, telling them about this voting opportunity.

Either Facebook has set the bar way too high, or users are too lazy to cast official votes, but it’s apparent that something about this system should change. Facebook wanted to eliminate the voting system in place of a program that offered users the ability to contact the site with questions, comments, and concerns, because of low voter turnout. Earlier this year, when Facebook offered up similar changes, less than 1 percent of Facebook’s user base voted.

Want to know what this is all about?

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Readers: Did you vote? If not, why not?