Facebook Becoming More Popular Among Seniors

By Justin Lafferty 

Can you guess the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook? It’s not teenagers or college students, but their grandparents. According to the latest statistics from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 53 percent of Americans 65 or older are online. Of that subset, 34 percent use social networking sites such as Facebook.

However, Facebook use among seniors pales in comparison to email, which is the preferred mode of communication. The report says that 86 percent of wired seniors use email, with 48 percent doing so regularly. Only 18 percent of Facebook users 65 and older log onto the social network daily.

The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., covered this trend of seniors logging onto Facebook. The story shows that once many seniors overcome their original fear of computers, they see how easy it is to keep in touch with family members and longtime friends. June Rice, an 86-year-old librarian, was one of those who initially didn’t want to have anything to do with a computer, but soon learned to embrace the technology.

Rice explained how she enjoys being able to keep in touch with her son through Facebook:

I see him twice a year, but I get pictures on Facebook.

Facebook has proven to be a vital tool for seniors, not just as a means of communicating with family. Using Facebook has also helped alleviate memory loss and depression.

Readers: What kind of Facebook users are your parents (or grandparents)?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.