Facebook Security: Keep Calm And Carry On Uploading Photos To Facebook

By David Cohen 

Facebook Security responded to the recent flurry of reports about the safety of sharing location information with photos posted to the social network and other online destinations, seeking to reassure users by posting an explanation of EXIF data on the Facebook Security page.

The post read:

The Facebook Security team has received a number of questions about recent stories warning people against inadvertently sharing location information when posting photos online. Here’s the story: When you take a photo, your camera attaches information, called EXIF data, to the photo. With some cameras, this is limited to the name of the file, its format, and date of creation. Modern cameras will also include the type of camera and photo settings, and cameras with access to the Internet or GPS (like the cameras in smartphones) will sometimes attach the location where the photo was taken.

Generally speaking, if you email a copy of a photo or post it to the Web, you are also sharing the associated EXIF data, since it automatically stays with the photo when you make a copy. To prevent that from accidentally happening when you post photos on Facebook, we don’t display location EXIF data in the version of your photo that you share with others. You can always choose to share things like location or the date of the photo by tagging a location or adding it to your Timeline.

Readers: Feel better?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.