To Add Avira Security To Facebook Offering

By David Cohen Comment

Online reputation-management company is teaming up with security experts Avira to offer Facebook users a bundle of online security, personal data protection, and privacy protection services.

The combined offering will be available in 2012, and Avira will distribute it in the United States and Canada. The two companies have worked together on projects for the European market.

Avira’s IT security solutions will join features offered by such as the ability to:

  • Monitor questionable content: uses language-recognition technology to discover critical topics or posts on users’ Facebook profiles, or in their friend networks.
  • Monitor all activity: displays all messages and comments that its users have posted on their own or their friends’ profiles, as well as providing an overview of likes, new friends, events, and check-ins.
  • Monitor users’ personal profiles: enables users to see all comments and interactions from friends and apps that appear in their profiles.
  • Find photos: uses biometric face recognition to find photos of users or their children, even when they are not tagged.
  • Control privacy settings: analyzes sensitive personal information in users’ profiles and recommends steps they should take to optimize their privacy.
  • Scan links: informs users of any unsafe links on their profiles or friend networks, including viruses and malware. founder Christian Sigl said:

We share one vision with Avira: We believe that personal data and privacy protection is the essential next step in the evolution of IT security. Whereas in the past, cyber crime mostly posed a risk to material values such as hardware, software, data, and documents, it now affects people more directly — namely their privacy and their identity. is the blueprint of your Internet life. It helps users own this blueprint and take control over their personal data and privacy. It also allows parents to protect their children on Facebook. By combining Avira’s high-quality IT security solutions with our privacy-protection products for social media, we can offer state-of-the-art security to all Internet users — you could call it IT Security 2.