How To Score A Return On Investment In Facebook

By Jackie Cohen 

Companies struggle to measure, let alone earn, a return on investment in Facebook marketing, but we’ve learned of a breakthrough in this regard.

It’s detailed in the slides below from an original presentation at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in Germany by┬áMarco Rinne, social media marketing manager at Microsoft Germany.

Rinne’s key takeaway is that affiliate marketing, advertising and social commerce are all ways to attach financial gains to social media in order to earn that much-sought return on investment.

Readers, let us know what you think about the slides below, by posting in the comments section beneath this post. How do you approach a possible return on investment in Facebook?

Many thanks to Philipp Roth, editor of sibling blog, for his original photos of the event and help finding an English translation.
Speaking of which, the U.S. version of the AllFacebook Marketing Conference takes place in San Francisco June 28 to 29, and early-bird registration discounts are available through May 9. Click here to register.