Facebook Accidentally Rolls Out Returned Value Metric

By Justin Lafferty 

For some Facebook page administrators, the site recently added a new metric to insights — returned value. However, as social media experts Jon Loomer and Dennis Yu found out, the social network didn’t mean to roll out returned value at this time, and it has since pulled it back.

The definition of returned value is a little murky. Here’s how Facebook termed it:

This data includes all returned value taken by people within 24 hours after viewing an ad or sponsored story in this campaign, or within 28 days after clicking on it. You’ll only see data here if you’re promoting a page, event, or app.

Yu looked into the matter further, hearing back from Facebook that the company never meant to release the returned value statistic this early:

The addition of the “returned value” field was actually a mistake, and it should be gone now. Apologies for any confusion that caused, and please let me know if it is still appearing for some reason.

Loomer guessed that returned value is another tool to help marketers measure return on investment, but we won’t know for sure until it rolls out again for good.

Readers: Did you see this metric pop up?