Facebook Responds to Feedback on New Features

By arnoldzafra Comment

So are you one of those who sent comments to Facebook regarding the recently rolled out new home page and other features? Apparently, Facebook received quite a number of both positive and negative feedback. So, finally the Facebook Blog is publishing its official response to to all these.

On the issue of more control and relevance for Facebook activity streams – Facebook will be rolling out three improvements namely, live updating of activity streams, photo tagging which could be through third party app such as photo finder, and tools to control application content. Facebook will also be introducing more controls for the content filters which are listed on the left side of the Facebook home page. In addition, these controls would also cover filtering out Wall posts and content.

On the issue of the Highlights feature – this section will soon be updated more frequently and will soon show more content all throughout the day to be in congruence with the items in the Facebook News Feed stream.

On the issue of finding things more easily – some changes to expect include more prominence in displaying friend requests and event invites particularly moving the at the top of the right column, and easier for creating Friends List filter. In addition, the applications bookmarks will still continue to be displayed on the lower left portion of your Facebook home page.

On the issue of new vs old Facebook home page – For those wishing to have the option to revert back to the old Facebook design, sorry to disappoint you folks, but that won’t happen anymore. The new Facebook or should I say the current Facebook home page with all the new layouts and all are here to stay. So better get used to it.

So the issue here that would definitely earn the rage of Facebook users would definitely the last one. And since it seems that Facebook is not keen on giving the option to revert back to the old home page, will you still be using Facebook? or would you do your social networking somewhere else?