Did Republican Facebook Users Falsely Report Democrat?

By David Cohen Comment

Politics and Facebook are usually a good mix, but a Democrat user of the social network is accusing the rival Republican party of tricking Facebook into banning him from commenting by falsely reporting him for spamming.

Gilbert, Arizona-based Facebook user Jon Kopp told CNET’s Technically Incorrect blog he believes Republicans — not official representatives of the party, but Facebook users who support it — are liking pages that tend to attract Democrats, such as that of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, and then flagging pro-Democrat comments as spam.

Such suspensions can last for up to 15 days, and sometimes longer.

Kopp told Technically Incorrect:

Since I have been accused of spamming, it affects me on all pages that are not my personal pages. I am blocked on all, just not my personal page, because I am in control of that.

I called Facebook, and the message says, “If you want customer-service support, press one.” I pressed one, and a new message says, “We do not offer customer support.”

If Facebook wants to rule the world in social networking, it needs to fix this flaw immediately. The business owner of that page should be in charge so that the hijacking does not occur anymore.

Technically Incorrect contacted the social network, which promised to look into Kopp’s issue, and a Facebook spokesman told the blog:

While we are not aware nor have validated the existence of this particular attack, our automated and manual review systems are trained with controversial content in mind.

We weigh both positive and negative signals in our machine learning systems. Our systems have built-in manual and automated redundancies to make sure content and users are not affected by controversial content. That abides by our terms.

Readers: Do you think Kopp is stretching the truth or being paranoid, or is it time for Facebook to overhaul its policies on blocking accused spam commenters?