Facebook Reconciles About Box And Info Tab On Pages

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook has gotten rid of a temporary redundancy between the about box and the info tab, fixing a glitch that had arisen during the recent redesign of page layouts.

The redesigned layout had resulted in a duplication of the information showing up in a box labeled about and another one labeled info, both appearing in the left-hand column. Editing one of the boxes had the effect of editing both. There was no way to delete or hide one of the boxes — any action on one resulted in the same action on both. Deleting one deleted both.

Now if you click on the info tab in the left-hand column, the box labeled about becomes more visible; the content in the about box no longer appears in duplicate form under the label info. This s change cleans up the appearance of the layout.

Administrators had complained about the glitch on the day it first showed up; Facebook has responded pretty quickly to other gripes about the new page layouts, but perhaps the redundancy between about and info had garnered fewer complaints, explaining why the change came after others — like reinstating the ability to show wall posts chronologically.

So we’re curious to hear from you about how you feel now that the redundancy has gone. Readers, what do you think?

Many thanks to Eti Suruzon for the tip.