How To Keep Social Readers From Spamming All Your Facebook Friends

By Nickolay Lamm Comment

Do you want every one of your friends to know what you are reading online? Didn’t think so.

Surely you’ve noticed that the social reader applications your friends are using put lots of stories into your news feed, taking up a lot of space that other things might occupy instead.

Let’s look at how not to spam your friends with what you’re reading in The Washington Post Social Reader — learn how to do this with one of the apps, and then you can apply it to the other social readers.

If you’re about to install the app and don’t want anyone but you to know what you’re reading, simply choose the “only me” option and nothing that you do with the app will be shared.

If you already have the app installed and want to keep your reading private, go to your privacy settings by clicking the little down arrow at the top right of the page.

Once there, click on “edit settings for apps and websites.”

Click on “edit settings” again for “apps you use” on the next page. Finally, edit the privacy settings of your Washington Post Social Reader App for visibility by “only me.”

Do you wish more of your Facebook friends would make changes like what we describe here?

Nickolay Lamm is an internet marketing specialist.