Facebook Personality Quiz Gets Sophisticated

By David Cohen Comment

There are plenty of personality quizzes on Facebook, but few, if any, are as thorough as PersonaBubble.

PersonaBubble, which was developed by professional psychologists, allows users to compare the results of their personality tests with their Facebook friends, with the hopes that the free app will enable them to form better connections. Features include:

  • A chart that maps out where a user’s personality falls within five traits (introverted, collaborative, tough-minded, flexible, and stable);
  • The ability to compare personality traits with their Facebook friends;
  • The option of receiving detailed descriptions of their personalities;
  • The ability to find out what users’ friends think of them via their ratings and descriptions; and
  • The option of inviting and connecting with friends from Facebook and contacts from other social networks.

PersonaBubble is currently in beta, and its development team is looking to add features to the app, with Digital Marketing Executive Katie Herring saying:

Now that the test and the key elements of the application are live, we want to develop as many insightful and engaging features as possible, which is why we are constantly looking to our users to give us feedback. We are really lucky to not only have a fantastic development team, but also some extremely knowledgeable and experienced psychologists on board. This means we have the ability to create additional functions and features that provide users with some really interesting insights.

Readers: Are you introverted, collaborative, tough-minded, flexible, stable, or some combination of the five traits?