Facebook Lowers Bar For Promoted Posts, Offers To 100 Fans

By Justin Lafferty 

Administrators of several pages on Facebook that don’t have the loyal followings of more established brands have been wondering when they’ll be able to take advantage of key marketing tactics, such as promoted posts and offers. According to social media expert Jon Loomer, that day is today. Loomer wrote on his blog that the entry bar for offers and promoted posts has been lowered from 400 likes to 100, allowing more pages to take advantage of these features.

Loomer checked the Facebook help center, just to confirm, finding that, indeed, offers and promoted posts are available to pages with 100 likes or more:

That’s right, all you need is 100 fans now to create your own Facebook offer. Have more than 100 fans and still don’t have access? Well, I guess you’ll have to wait!

If you’re not familiar with Facebook offers, they are an official way to provide discounts to Facebook users for your product or service — with redemption occurring either online or offline. Offers are distributed to users through the use of Facebook advertising.

Readers: If your page has more than 100 likes, have you launched any offers or paid to promote any posts?