Facebook Offers Admins The Ability To Promote Page, Get More Likes

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has long allowed page administrators to promote individual posts, but now the site is apparently pushing more options for marketers to pay to amplify pages themselves. As Jon Loomer points out, some pages have the option to quickly create ads to get more likes.

Loomer posted that his page had this new feature, allowing him to pay for the goal of getting more likes. Facebook gave Loomer some payment options, corresponding to an estimated number of likes per day — much like the site would give page admins options to promote posts, showing potential reach.

Loomer notes that these ads are set up to run automatically — meaning you have to manually turn them off when you’re done with them. You can target the ads geographically within your city, your state, and your country, but not beyond. Facebook then generates previews with two ads and a sponsored story (“friend” likes “page”).

The ad copy is pulled from your mission or description. Should you edit this after the ad is purchased, the ad will reflect the changes. The copy needs to be under 90 characters, though, or else it will simply cut off.

A similar option started appearing in May 2012.

Loomer gave his opinion on this new ad model:

I look at this option in the same way I look at promoted posts. It is Facebook’s way of making advertising much, much easier for the typical marketer. It’s so simple — even tempting — to promote your page in this way.

But it’s also the lazy way.

When you create a promoted post or promoted page (or whatever it’s called), you are telling Facebook to create a very templated campaign lacking any customization. No additional targeting.

Readers: Would you pay to promote your page?