Buffer For Facebook Allows Scheduling Of Posts

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook users who want to advance schedule their posts finally have access to a tool that has been available for Twitter for nearly one year.

Buffer, which allows its Twitter users to schedule their tweets, debuted Buffer for Facebook earlier this week, saying that it had been its “top requested feature.”

In a blog post announcing the rollout of Buffer for Facebook, the company said:

In the same way as tweets, Buffer now allows you to add Facebook updates to your queue. We will then go ahead, schedule, and publish this update for you, at the right time and well spaced out over the day.

You can now post the same update to both Facebook and Twitter, or have them posted to either network only — just click on your face to toggle!

We have also reduced clutter on the dashboard to let you focus on writing great content for your followers. From there, you can also get extra space in your Buffer for free, by inviting your friends.
One of the features in the dashboard mentioned above is analytics for every post sent via Buffer. And the company added that it redesigned its browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox to automatically include the thumbnail and preview for Facebook posts.

Buffer offers three pricing plans for its users:

  • Free, which enables you to store as many as 10 updates at a time, to one Facebook account and one Twitter account, as well as the ability to use URL shortener Bit.ly details and access to Buffer’s browser extensions and mobile apps;
  • Pro, for $10 per month, which offers all of the features in the Free plan but expands it to 50 monthly posts, support for five social media accounts, support for two team member accounts, and advanced scheduling; and
  • Premium, at $99 per month, which expands on the Pro offering with unlimited posts, unlimited social media accounts, five team member accounts, and a direct line to founder Joel Gascoigne.

Buffer added that it is awaiting the rollout of the Google Plus application programming interface for posting to that social network. Meanwhile, an iPhone app will be rolled out soon.