What Businesses Can Learn From U.S. Politicians On Facebook

By Jennifer Moire Comment

A new study from iContact reveals that Facebook is not only the most favored social network among the Republican presidential candidates, but that businesses can learn a thing or two from the campaigns with respect to engagement, fan growth and branding.

The study demonstrates how the Republicans have used social media to share messages, empower voters and raise money.

While some candidates have stronger showings on certain networks, iContact claims that Mitt Romney, who has the most Facebook fans at 1.3 million, has the most integrated social campaign among the GOP contenders.

The following infographic summarizes where candidate’s stand on Facebook and other networks.

However, iContact emphasizes that size doesn’t matter when it comes to fan base.

Romney has the most Facebook fans but has the lowest engagement numbers, while Rick Santorum, who has the smallest Facebook fan base, has the highest engagement figures among the GOP field.

When that happens, its time to re-evaluate content with respect to platform choice.

The key takeaway for businesses? As iContact’s Jeff Revoy, chief product and marketing officer said in a press release, “Social media presence can lead to increased engagement and a return on investment. By applying the many lessons learned and creative successes from these candidates, small businesses too can enjoy the many benefits of social media marketing.”

Other key findings include:

  • Don’t forget about a tried and true marketing vehicle: email;
  • Use photos and videos in social media campaigns; and
  • Relevant and engaging content is still the most important thing for followers.

Readers, are there other tips that small businesses can learn from politicians’ use of Facebook?