Facebook Users Protest Susan G. Komen De-Funding Planned Parenthood

By Jennifer Moire Comment

The group famous for the breast cancer pink ribbon faces about 20 negative posts per minute on Facebook over the sudden decision to pull funding of preventative breast cancer programs, such as mammograms, for low-income women at Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Komen claims that since Planned Parenthood is facing a congressional investigation, its newly revised rules won’t allow funding of such programs.

Most posts on Facebook take Planned Parenthood’s side of things, arguing that Komen’s decision was based on pressure from right-wing groups.

The anti-Komen sentiment on Facebook is picking up steam, with posts appearing every 25-45 seconds on average today. Facebook posts supporting Komen’s decision are just starting to show up online, and some of these are featured below.

The online campaign pressuring Komen to reverse course is following a familiar template: resharing of the same links and paid Facebook advertising.

The most common among them is a pink profile image with a message from Credo Action saying, “Tell Komen Not to Throw Planned Parenthood Under the Bus.” Another link is from Planned Parenthood itself, asking Facebook friends to like and share a link titled, “I Still Stand with Planned Parenthood.”

These are some of the same Facebook tactics used in other high-profile advocacy campaigns, such as the petition drive to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

We expect to see pages dedicated to the issue start cropping up on Facebook.

Meanwhile, readers, what do you think will be the next phase of the Facebook campaign to change Komen’s mind?