Facebook Places + Available Deals = DealBurner App

By David Cohen Comment

What do you get when you combine geolocation-based applications, like Facebook Places and foursquare, with services that offer special deals, like Groupon and LivingSocial? If you’re Jason Fertel, you get the opportunity to create an application called DealBurner.

When DealBurner users check in at locations with services such as Facebook Places and foursquare, DealBurner provides text messages highlighting available deals at that location from sources including Groupon, LivingSocial, Tenka, Scoutmob, and other daily deal-type sites.

Fertel told The New York Observer‘s Betabeat he became discouraged while working on his startup, group-texting app Freespeech, because “It was hard to be seen amongst the 20 other applications that did the same thing.

On top of that, with Apple and Google and whoever else about to jump in that ring, it just didn’t make sense to continue with it.”

A complaint by WeWork Manager Matt Shampine that he was checking in at an establishment and taking advantage of a foursquare deal, but he was unaware that Scoutmob was offering a better deal, spurred the idea for DealBurner, Fertel told Betabeat.

As long as group discount services are rallying, something like DealBurner makes sense. But what if the market shakes out and there’s only one or two left? While we’re at it, readers, you think daily deal-type offerings are here to stay?