Pinvolve Bridges Facebook And Pinterest — But Why?

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Startup Pinvolve offers to export and reformat content from Facebook to Pinterest, promising to increase content forwarding or repins by at least 150 percent.

That metric reported by TechCrunch sounds great but loses meaning when you remind yourself that the bookmarking site has a lot fewer users than Facebook does.

While the pinboard site has leapfrogged to become the number three social network, it still needs a couple digits more users before it would ever catch up with Facebook.

Earlier today we noted that it takes an average of 402.3 Facebook shares to earn $10 in revenue, and that’s for a site with 845 million users. Take just a couple percent of that and limit the sharing to mostly visuals, and the value goes way down.

So why would anyone need a third-party app to export Facebook content to Pinterest when most of the people on that site are on the larger site?

If you wanted to look at Facebook content in pinning format, you could use Friendsheet to save yourself a few clicks and still enjoy the greater value of reshares that the larger social network offers.

Pinvolve requires Facebook page administrators to install the application, and like TechCrunch says, despite almost no marketing and media relations, over 1,000 pages have installed the free version of the app. That’s right, a customizable version of the app actually costs money, currently $9.99 and ultimately that will go up to $19.99 — details appear on the app’s page here.

Perhaps the utility of Pinvolve has yet to emerge, and a better case for the app may become apparent in the not-too distant future. What sort of scenarios might make this tool seem like a must-have, readers?