Should Facebook Acquire Pinterest Or Path?

By Jackie Cohen 

Ever since Pinterest splashed onto the scene with a growth rate exceeding other social networks, we’ve had a close eye on it as a possible acquisition target for Facebook.

And now the recent acquisition of Instagram has revived the topic of Pinterest as a possible next target, along with Path, which actually carries a bit more value than the pinning site, according to our sibling blog Social Times.

Path actually has a value of $250 million despite having only two million users, compared to $200 million for Pinterest, which has around 15 times as many users.

Contrast that with Instagram, which has about as many users as Path, and fetched four times said site’s value in the acquisition by Facebook. Not bad for no revenue coming from any of these sites, but presumably advertising possibilities would mushroom with the joining of forces.

Meanwhile, Facebook will have its hands full figuring out how to monetize Instagram. Possibilities for this include creating a photo version of the sponsored story, affiliate marketing and premium advertising — check out the post about this on our esteemed sibling blog Inside Facebook.

Readers, what do you think: Which site should Facebook acquire next?