Ohio Debuts Facebook Voting App Before Big Election

By Jennifer Moire Comment

Ohio voters who participate in Super Tuesday’s election can show their civic pride on their Facebook profile thanks to a new application from the Secretary of State’s Facebook page.

The app enables voters who like the page to put a virtual “I voted” sticker on their Facebook profile. The page also features a carousel slideshow that highlights initiatives and other social media accounts from Ohio Secretary of State John Husted’s office.

The Facebook page highlights programs to help active military and veterans vote as well as special efforts for small businesses in Ohio.

The “I heart” sticker design was also democratically-chosen as part of an online “Elect Your Sticker” campaign that ran on the official Secretary of State’s website.

In a statement, Secretary of State Husted tells us that the Facebook app is another way for the increasing number of mail-in voters to share their civic pride.

As in many other states, it’s been a tradition in Ohio to get a voting sticker at the polls to both show pride in participating and to remind others to vote. We expect more Ohioans will be voting by mail this November and our Facebook app gives them a way they can still get their voting stickers. It’s free and we think, an engaging way to share important voting information.

The effort to attract younger and more tech-savvy voters ahead of a major presidential primary is a good strategy.

A spokeswoman for Secretary of State Husted says, “We are very excited about the possibilities and new tools (timeline) has to offer! We are looking forward to transitioning our current material and continuing to think of new ways to connect with our constituents.”