Alternative To Facebook’s Disappearing Discussion Tab

By David Cohen Comment

Those mourning the impending loss of the discussion tab October 31 may have an alternative in the form of the Forum for Pages application.

Forum for Pages allows page managers to install a Forum tab on their pages, as well as to import and save their pages’ existing discussions. Other features of Forum for Pages include:

  • Support for threaded discussions;
  • Users not leaving the brand page when clicking on the Forum tab (Facebook users are directed off the page when using the current Discussions tab); and
  • The ability to delete posts or entire topics, as well as to lock topics or make them sticky.

Forum for Pages is free, and more moderation-focused features will be added in the near future.

App developer Pixode said:

A lot of page owners rely on the discussions tab to conduct customer service or engage with their fans in a more durable way than what they can do on the wall. Our application allows them to continue to do so without losing the existing discussion threads that might be important to them.

Do you think Facebook pages need discussion tabs?