Facebook Pages Manager For Android Launches In All Google Play-Supported Countries

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook finally introduced Pages Manager for Android recently, but only to users in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. On Wednesday, Facebook rolled it out to users in the U.S. and the U.K., as well as all Google Play-supported countries.

The application was previously visible in the Google Play store, but not available for download unless you lived in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

Now, all Android users who have the ability to download apps from the Google Play store have the full functionality of Pages Manager — something their iOS brethren have had since the Apple app launched in May 2012.

Previously, Android users could only respond to comments and post to their Facebook pages from the native app, but now, those who want to manage their pages from their Google devices can see and respond to messages from fans, get notifications about new activity on their pages, and view the latest insights.

Android users who have been managing their pages from the native app will find navigating Pages Manager easy. For instance, Pages Manager users can check insights for pages or posts with one tap.

There are several differences between page-management capabilities on the native app and Pages Manager for Android.

Some of the biggest changes, as illustrated above (native app on the left, Pages Manager on the right), are plain to see once users accesses their pages through the app. Instead of a simple likes tab, users can see detailed insights, such as a graph showing the trend of people talking about this and reach. At the top-right corner of the Pages Manager app, users can tap “filter”  to switch between posts by page and posts by others.

Additionally, when users tap share photo through the Pages Manager app, they can take photos on the spot — a feature not included in the native Android app.

Users can also click to see insights on each post through Pages Manager (on the right), but not in the native app (on the left). Also, Pages Manager makes it simpler to delete posts or hide them from pages’ timelines with just one tap of the three-dot stamp in the top-right corner. In the native app, users have to swipe the post, then tap a little black “x” on the top-right corner of the post to hide or delete it.

Here’s a look at what Pages Manager users see, in terms of page insights (left) and individual post insights (right). On the native app, users could see likes and PTAT, but only numbers. There is no way to track individual post insights within the native Android app:

One other major change that the Pages Manager app introduces is the ability to read, respond to, and delete messages. This capability was not available to those who wanted to keep tabs on their pages from their Android devices.

If sending a plain text-based message isn’t good enough, users can also add photos, either by taking them, choosing from those already stored on their devices, or doing a Bing image search through the app. To do this, click the plus sign to the left of your reply, then select “image search.”

Users seem to love the new app so far. The ratings in the Google Play store show that it has a favorable reputation among users, with 69 giving it a five-star rating and 26 giving it a four-star rating. Only 29 have rated Pages Manager for Android two stars or below.

Readers: Are you happy to finally have this app for Android?