App Brings Crowdsourcing To Facebook Pages

By David Cohen Comment

If a Facebook user has shown enough interest in your company to like your page, why not tap their insight and advice?

That’s the thinking behind Napkin Labs’ take on crowdsourcing, an application called Brainstorm.

Brainstorm enables page managers to ask fans of their pages for feedback, insight, and advice on anything from potential new products to design changes, and their input can then be shared across Facebook, in the hopes of generating more interest and more fans.

The free app allows users to choose from existing templates, or customize their questions with branding and images, and they also have the option of adding elements such as contests, setting response times and rewards.

Napkin Labs Chief Executive Officer Riley Gibson said:

Most companies use social media to react to customers, but we’re trying to flip that model. The Brainstorm app brings engaging with customers on Facebook to a whole new level, because it gives companies a really simple way to proactively ask for suggestions and ideas right within their Facebook pages. The Netflix fiasco is a great example of what companies can avoid by using Facebook to get feedback from customers.

Readers: Would you be willing to ramp up your interaction with pages you have liked, in the manner suggested by Brainstorm?