Facebook Now Allows Pages To Create New Posts Via Its Ad Tool

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is trying to make life easier for advertisers, allowing page administrators to create new posts from the site’s ad creator tool. As first noticed by aimClear, Facebook has also improved the targeting options for promoted posts.

A Facebook spokesperson told sister site Inside Facebook that these changes started to roll out to some page admins in late December, and they should be available to everyone soon.

By accessing the Facebook Ads Manager, page admins can create page posts after clicking the “Promote Page Posts” option:


AimClear’s Merry Morud commented on this new ability in the company’s blog:

We’ll tip our hats to the Facebook team for this one. Well-thought-out, the hybrid marketing community manager can post pictures, updates, and even links with a thumbnail and meta information that can be edited just like posts from the wall.

Morud also reported that Facebook has improved the connection targeting process of sponsored stories. Once again, advertisers can now create sponsored stories about fans liking or commenting on any post. To do this, the page admin must go to “See Advanced Options,” then click, “Create a new ad about (your page).” Advertisers can then choose to create sponsored stories based on fan activity:

 Images courtesy of aimClear.