Bieber Can't Outdo Jesus In Facebook Page Engagement

By Brian Ward Comment

Justin Bieber’s Facebook page enjoyed more engagement this week than last, but still can’t keep up with Jesus Daily’s likes and comments.

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 9,423,086 3,436,714
2. Justin Bieber 36,836,450 1,762,705
3. The Bible 8,264,376 1,509,757
4. Dios Es Bueno! 4,473,616 1,337,591
5. Mario Teguh 4,922,008 1,045,609
6. Real Madrid C.F. 20,523,001 982,915
7. Manchester United 20,106,979 735,991
8. Texas Hold’em Poker 51,421,065 658,900
9. Luciano Huck 3,161,839 608,321
10. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,601,484 547,538
11. 6,511,917 527,873
12. FC Barcelona 21,614,423 489,768
13. MTV Roadies 3,198,393 479,615
14. Jesus Christ 3,158,864 458,644
15. The Walking Dead 3,395,355 431,396
16. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud 6,487,620 426,344
17. Lil Wayne 31,998,807 414,552
18. Avril Lavigne 26,826,518 410,756
19. Mehmetcik 2,492,313 398,222
20. Lady Gaga 44,428,325 365,283


Not only remaining consistent – but improving on last’s weeks finish – Jesus Daily can check another week off the calendar at number one; 3,436,714 interactions secure its role as the leader of page engagement.

Moving up this time, The Bible‘s 1,509,757 posters give it a strong one place lead in third. Dios Es Bueno fell to fourth place from second last week, with 1,337,591 interactions. Joyce Meyer Ministries ranks tenth, with 547,538 interactions. Hanging on to 14th place, the main page dedicated to Jesus Christ got 458,644 likes and comments. came in four spots lower than last week, finishing in 11th, with an engagement total of 527,873. Falling three places to the 16th spot, I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud tallies 426,344 interactions.


The new single from Justin Bieber aids in the young star advancing to second place, with 1,762,705 likes and comments this week.

Posting simplistic yet relevant updates is all it takes for Lil Wayne to return this list, landing in 17th place with 414,552 interactions.

Avril Lavigne is still updating us from the road on what seems like an endless tour; 410,756 interactions put her in 18th place.

An award show and new music video news puts Lady Gaga in 20th place, with 365,283 interactions.


Holding steady in fifth, Indonesia’s Mario Teguh sees 1,045,609 likes and comments. In Turkey, Mehmetcik finds itself back in the countdown with 398,222 interactions putting it in 19th place.


Real Madrid C.F. scores a victory on the field and our countdown. The team rises 12 spots over last week to finish in sixth with 982,915 likes and comments.

On its heels, Manchester United is competing well. The team finishes in seventh with 735,991 interactions.

It’s similar story for FC Barcelona, which advances five positions to 12th by collecting 489,768 likes and comments.


Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker holds eighth place with 658,900 interactions.


In Brazil, Luciano Huck is turning to Facebook to offer a number of picture updates from his travels. The interactive posts engage 608,321 responses and places the newcomer in ninth place.

In India, “MTV Roadies” is back in 13th with 479,615 interactions.

AMC network has a hit on their hands with season two of “The Walking Dead” under way; 431,396 viewers have clicked like or commented, putting the show in the 15th position.

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Readers, did you find yourself chatting on any of this week’s most engaging pages?