How To Facebook On Vacation Without Looking Like A Jerk

By Nick O'Neill Comment

You’ve had the experience: you’re browsing through your news feed when you notice one of your friends doing the unthinkable … enjoying their life while on vacation. Did they really have to rub in your face that their life is awesome? Here’s how to take a vacation without angering your friends.

Don’t Facebook

The best way to avoid looking like a jerk is to avoid gloating. Any post that you make which shows that in this moment, your life is better than your friend’s is a great way to really make the blood boil. The sure fire way to avoid doing this is to just skip your Facebook posts all together. Share the experience with the people who are with you and skip that whole Facebook thing.

Take A Single Snapshot

I know you too well, you can’t resist the urge to gloat. Here’s the golden rule: you can gloat once while on your trip without it being excessive. Once you surpass that limit, you have officially become a jerk. I know, you want to document every moment of your life because let’s be honest: your life is probably better than ours. However right now is the time to resist the urge. Instead, plug in some headphones and play some music which reminds you of how awesome you are.

Put that music on full blast, dance around, enjoy the beautiful weather, but whatever you do, don’t break the golden rule!!

Take A Few Snapshots

What’s that? You broke the golden rule? I knew it! Yes, you are officially a jerk, but it appears that you have embraced this aspect of your life. You march proudly through the streets while people stare at you, thinking to themselves, “That person is definitely a jerk!” Here’s the deal: you can post a few photos and embrace your jerkiness. But, don’t surpass three photos, otherwise you have moved into a**hole territory. Yes, you have accepted the fact that you live a celebrity lifestyle and you want to share that with others.

Post Videos

Seriously, videos are for a**holes who think the world has time to watch every moment of their life. While it’s acceptable to share home videos with your closest friends, broadcasting your entire life for everybody to watch is nothing less than narcissistic. However, at this point you have already jumped off into the deep end. There really is no way to say that this is acceptable behavior, however Facebook provided you with the platform to broadcast your life so why not do it, right?

As long as you know that the vast majority of your Facebook friends officially hate you, go for it, but remember that we warned you! What other etiquette tips do you have for Facebooking while vacation?