Facebook Launches Offers, Scraps Check-In Deals

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Out with the old and in with the new: Goodbye, check-in deals, hello offers.

The new offers differ from check-in deals, which required mobile devices and visits to physical store locations.

Facebook has been phasing out check-in deals, won’t approve any more new ones as of today, and will have them completely gone from the site within a few weeks, says our sibling blog, Inside Facebook.

Offers, by contrast, are mostly self-serve, like other Facebook advertisements.

Administrators will be able to post post offers for free on their own pages without having to get approval by Facebook beforehand.

However, putting an offer elsewhere on the site would cost money; administrators would pay Facebook to boost offers into sponsored stories or premium homepage ads.

Regardless of where the offers appear, redeeming them is seamless: tapping on the linked words sends the offer to the individual’s email account for use at a retailer’s physical location or website.

Redeeming an offer puts a story about the claim into news feeds along with the user’s timeline, depending on whether their settings allow it.

Facebook began testing offers in December, calling them coupons at the time.