Facebook Adds Page Ad Widget To News Feed

By Justin Lafferty 

Through the Pages Manager application and other tools, Facebook page managers have myriad ways to track the performance of their posts and ads. Social media expert Jon Loomer found another one Tuesday: A widget on the top of the news feed, showing how many advertisements and campaigns are active, and how many new page likes have come through in the past day or week.

Loomer discovered a news feed widget, located in the top-right corner above the life events notification area, which showed how many ads and campaigns his pages currently have out right now, as well as how many page likes have been generated in the past day or week.

Loomer described this new feature on his website:

It’s a very simple widget. A top-level overview of how your active campaigns are performing. Hover over your account name to select a different account that you control.

The information provided is quite limited. Only number of ads, number of campaigns, and number of page likes generated today or during the current month. But I love this addition since access to this information is disconnected from your typical Facebook activities.

Readers: Are you seeing this too, if you manage a Facebook page?