Possibly Coming Soon To Facebook: Netflix

By Justin Lafferty 

Soon, Facebook users may be able to share information about what they’ve seen on Netflix. After a Vermont legislator filed an amendment Wednesday to a 1988 law, data about what movies are being watched can be shared, if the changes are approved.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the law, put in place to protect the privacy of video rentals (remember when places such as Blockbuster Video were popular?), can be changed to allow information to be shared digitally, but the alterations have not yet been finalized. The Times noted that Netflix movie views could be treated like tracks on Spotify once a user agrees to integrate Facebook into their activity.

The law (The Video Privacy Protection Act) was enacted in 1988 after Washington City Paper published the video rental history of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork.

L.A. Times reporter Dawn C. Chmielewski writes:

A Netflix spokesman said the company would support a modernization of the 1988 law, which would allow subscribers to share information about the movies they’re watching, just as Spotify users can let friends know what songs they’re listening to.

But given the rancorous climate on Capitol Hill as the presidential election nears, it seems unlikely that any bill could muster bipartisan support.

Netflix has spent $395,000 in lobbying this year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ website, OpenSecrets.org.

Readers: Would you want your Netflix viewing history shared similar to your music on Spotify?