Facebook & MySpace Hit New Milestones

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Yesterday MySpace announced a record breaking month, surpassing 122 million visitors “according to comScore”. That last part of the statement means that the statistics should be questioned. As Caroline McCarthy points out, comScore stated that Facebook reached 144 million visitors. Yesterday though, Dave Morin claimed that the company just reached 100 million users (as Venturebeat points out.

comScore has been criticized for highly inaccurate numbers in the past and the most recent set appears to confirm that. Additionally, having a reach of more than 100 million is significant but when you think about it in terms of the world population, there is still a long way to go! MySpace has been striving to highlight that growth continues internally as they prepare to launch the highly anticipated MySpace music service.

Some could argue that the company’s image has become tarnished as Facebook hogs the limelight as it has surged past all competitors to become the largest global social network. It’s no wonder that MySpace is concerned as all global metrics show Facebook trouncing all other competition. Just take a look at the following Alex chart:

Facebook vs MySpace Chart

Not everything is doom and gloom for MySpace and painting such a picture would be inaccurate. The company continues to grow abroad and domestically MySpace continues to dominate all the other competitors. When it comes to publicity, the name of the game is continued growth and both MySpace and Facebook have managed to do that is most regards.

While domestic growth has slowed for both, international expansion has provided both companies with a substantial opportunity. As the months pass, analysts and journalists will both be looking for both companies to post stellar growth abroad. Otherwise we could soon hear of the “global social network downturn”!