Facebook Movie In the Works?

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Caroline McCarthy got the scoop on a Facebook movie which is in the works. The only reference to the movie is a group which was created by Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing and A Few Good Men, and Sorkin’s assistant. Is the group real? It seems pretty real considering Aaron’s claim to have no understanding of how Facebook works at all.

Aaron Sorkin prompts users to test to see if he is real in the group’s description. The only problem with accomplishing what would otherwise be an elementary task is that there is no way to friend or send a message to Sorkin. Not sure how he got to have that setting but my guess is it’s via the privacy settings. The only other person that I know of that doesn’t have a friend request in the directory is Mark Zuckerberg.

I wonder if this movie will be created in a similar way to The Pirates of Silicon Valley which highlighted the start of Microsoft and Apple. The only difference between that movie and the apparent Facebook movie? The Pirates of Silicon Valley had two companies that actually went public. Facebook has yet to do that. However the movie is written, this definitely sounds like an interesting beginning!

Facebook Movie Group Screenshot