Facebook Updates Mobile Location Pages: How Businesses Can Take Advantage

By Guest Writer 

Recently, Facebook began rolling out a global redesign of its mobile location pages. The intention of this redesign seems to be focused not only on making it easier to find business’ physical locations, but also simplifying interactions between users and businesses on Facebook mobile.

Before Facebook rolled out the redesign, business information and calls to action were spread out among different tiles on the mobile page. The call and check into a location buttons were toward the bottom of the page when first opened, and a map of the location was not accessible until after clicking on the map tile.

The new design makes better use of the space available on mobile devices by moving the most useful information toward the top of the page while also removing the need for extra clicks to get to this type of information.

To open up more real estate on the page, Facebook has moved the profile picture, business name, and primary category up to be displayed within the cover photo itself. Just under the cover photo, the like, check in, and call buttons are now more prominent on the page. Next you will see the addition of a zoomed-in map with location marker, followed by address, hours of operation, and price range displayed in a larger font.

Users will then notice a large average star rating section followed by reviews from their friends. The star rating is based on Facebook users who first checked in to that specific location and then rated it based on their experiences. If users scroll further down the page, they will see photos taken at the location, and finally posts from the page.

Facebook Moving Focus To Local Search

The redesigned mobile pages reinforce Facebook’s push into the local search market. The new design makes it simple for searchers to quickly pull up a map with directions to the location, call the location, check into the location, and more.

Facebook prompts visitors to the page to recommend and, if the visitor has checked into the location previously, Facebook will prompt them to leave a star rating. These star ratings and recommendations, which are given prominent placement in the redesigned page, help searchers make decisions quickly while on the go.

By giving prominence to the calls to action and prompting users to leave ratings and recommendations, Facebook hopes to compete with the likes of Yelp, Google Plus, and Foursquare in local search. Facebook definitely has the audience, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, but it has a long way to go before acquiring the number of reviews and ratings amassed by the leaders in the space.

How Businesses Can Take Advantage

So what can you do to take full advantage of these updates? Be sure that your address is accurate and that the location pin on the map is displaying correctly. Sometimes the pin may be slightly off, but you can drag and drop the pin in the correct place. Check that your phone number is correct and that you have included your hours of operation and any other applicable information about your business.

Encourage patrons to leave recommendations and ratings for your business on Facebook. This will act as a word-of-mouth recommendation when any of their friends come to your page. The first recommendations users see on the mobile page are those written by Facebook friends.

Page administrators can also pin posts near the top of the location page, just like they can with their desktop pages. But since anything pinned here on the mobile page will occupy a valuable piece of the mobile pages real estate, we recommend only pinning posts that will help drive viewers to your location such as special promotions or discounts.

Chris Tran is a product manager at SIM Partners. Deanna Sandman is a social media strategist at SIM Partners. This story was originally posted on SIM Partners’ blog.