Baseball Teams Race For Facebook Pennant

By David Cohen 

Social media agency Enter:new Media teamed up with Cleveland Indians fan blog Did The Tribe Win Last Night, on a competition to see which Major League Baseball team in the Indians’ division, the American League Central, can score the most Facebook engagement.

ENM will track the metrics, awarding points to each ball club for fan activity including Facebook posts that are liked (one point) and shared (10 points).

DTTWLN, meanwhile, will provide weekly analysis and commentary on how each team is measuring up.

The race can be tracked by clicking on the Social Standings tab on the DTTWLN Facebook page.

The season is barely into its second week, but much as they are expected to do during the actual baseball season, the Detroit Tigers are running away with the division. The total points at the time of this post were:

  1. Detroit Tigers: 173,194
  2. Cleveland Indians: 61,779
  3. Chicago White Sox: 47,570
  4. Minnesota Twins: 44,545
  5. Kansas City Royals: 27,330

ENM President Mark Curtis said:

Social engagement is critical to the success of any Facebook initiative. Getting a clearer picture of how you are performing versus both your historic benchmarks and against your competitors is essential in understanding how to optimize engagement for any brand. As sport teams continue to increase their adoption of social media, this type of virtual competition is both fun for fans and valuable to social managers.

DTTWLN Founder Ryan Hohman added:

Social media has never been a greater part of baseball or the fan experience than it is this current season. As a blog dedicated to reporting and analyzing all key aspects of our team, the Cleveland Indians, it’s a natural next step for us to cover the team’s performance in the social sphere, as well.

Readers: Would you like to see an MLB-wide initiative like this, or see it spread to other sports?