Facebook Mentions for iOS Update: Live Tweaks, Filters, Messaging

By David Cohen Comment


Celebrities, public figures and journalists using the iOS version of the Facebook Mentions application have some new features to play with.

Product manager Vadim Lavrusik and engineering manager Dave Capra announced improvements to live video-streaming feature Live for Facebook Mentions, the ability to filter posts by source within the Mentions feed and the ability to reply to private messages via the app.

Users of Live for Facebook Mentions can now:

  • Record live video in landscape or portrait mode (videos appear in a square aspect ratio either way).
  • Save finished live videos to Camera Roll.
  • Choose a high-quality upload option for their videos.

Lavrusik and Capra described the other new features in a Facebook Media blog post:

Earlier this year, we made it possible to add topics you’re interested in to your Mentions feed. With today’s update, we’re making it easier to filter posts within your Mentions feed by source, as well as by topic. For example, if you only want to see posts from media outlets, you can select “Media Sources” from the dropdown at the top of your Mentions feed. Or if you only want to see posts about your band or sports team, just choose that topic from the top of your feed.


We’re also rolling out the ability for you to reply to private messages sent to your page or profile from within the Mentions app. To reply to messages, visit the notifications tab and tap on the messaging icon.


Readers: What do you think of the latest updates to Facebook Mentions for iOS?