Social Meditation Comes To Facebook

By David Cohen Comment

meditation is coming to Facebook thanks to Wild Divine, which announced the release of its iOM Online group cyber-meditation system.

The meditation app is compatible with the company’s Lightstone or iOM hardware, and it allows users to use Facebook to form groups, share experiences, and track individual and group progress.

Wild Divine enlightened potential customers on its description page with the following wisdom:

You know how you can play FarmVille by just logging in? Now, connect your iOM, and experience Wild Divine the same way, no install disks! On any computer where you can log in into Facebook, you can now experience Wild Divine active feedback events the exact same way as the desktop.

But that’s not all: Now you can collaborate with your friends, all work toward a common goal, connecting while doing something good for yourself and the world. As shown below, you choose a Wild Divine exercise to complete. Once done, you have contributed to the collaborative goal, as shown in the progress bar on the right. Once the collective Wild Divine community reaches the final goal, Wild Divine is going to contribute to one of five causes as chosen by the participants.

Once you have the iOM, you have everything you need to experience Arcadia. It is Mac- and PC-compatible — all you need is a USB port to plug the iOM into.