Vitrue Is Overhauling Its Facebook Marketing Platform

By David Cohen Comment

Social marketing platform Vitrue launched phase one Monday of a two-part “massive product upgrade” and overhaul of its social relationship management offering, which streamlines marketing efforts on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Vitrue SRM social relationship management 3.0 now allows brand managers to tap a brand-new dashboard and user interface to access all available functionalities.

The new dashboard features single sign-on functionality, universal navigation, analytics, increased administrator capabilities, work-flow-management enhancements, and more sophisticated social marketing capabilities.

The overhaul of analytics and metrics included in Vitrue SRM 3.0 offers users real-time data on:

  • demographics
  • engagement
  • top fan profiles
  • fan growth breakdowns
  • top location snapshots
  • per-post publishing metrics, and
  • detailed user engagement statistics by action (like, comment, share, play, etc.), day of week, and time of day.

Improved open-graph-management features allow marketers to publish content targeted specifically to fans who have expressed interest in the subject, such as via likes.

Vitrue SRM 3.0 contains more than 50 customizable modules and applications, including coupons, causes, quizzes, gifts, contests, Twitter follow, slide shows, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and MailChimp.

The updated platform can also be integrated with third-party metrics tools, and 24/7/365 service and support are included.

Vitrue said it will debut a new brand image, logo and website in conjunction with its rollout of Vitrue SRM 3.0.

The company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Reggie Bradford said in a press release:

Vitrue SRM 3.0 is a monumental upgrade to our already leading platform, giving brand marketers the ultimate product for managing all of their social communities through one robust, centralized dashboard. These enhancements give marketers the capabilities and sophistication to not only execute engaging social marketing communications, but to measure, understand, and determine the best social tactics for success — all through one simple interface. What has proven most validating has been looking at results from our initial tests and projecting the real value-add that brand marketers will see as we roll out all phases.

The second phase of the product upgrade will be rolled out progressively by year end.