Facebook Marketing Partner Sprinklr Acquires Brazilian Social Media Firm Scup

By Justin Lafferty Comment


It’s been quite a month for Facebook Marketing Partner Sprinklr. Earlier this month, Sprinklr acquired Get Satisfaction. Sprinklr also launched an extension into Japan. Today, the company announced that it has scooped up Scup, a Brazilian social media marketing tech firm.

Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr’s CEO and founder, commented on the acquisition in a press release:

Global brands today require a truly global solution to reach today’s connected customer. With more than 78 million socially active Brazilians on social networks, our move to Brazil was necessary to support the global marketing needs of our customers. Scup provides Sprinklr with great technology, a first-class customer base, and a deep understanding of the nuances of the social marketplace in Brazil.

Scup was founded in 2009 in Sao Paulo and has become a recognized tech leader for social media management in the South American market. Scup serves more than 500 of the best social brands in Brazil, such as Banco Bradesco, Rede Record and TAM Airlines. Through this acquisition, Sprinklr will support existing South American clients.

Daniel Heise, Scup’s co-founder, is excited about the acquisition:

Brazilians are big users of social media, spending at least 14 hours each month on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 25 of the largest global public companies are headquartered in Brazil. Scup’s acquisition by Sprinklr will allow us to better serve global clients with local presence, and furthers Sprinklr’s commitment to finding innovative entrepreneurs who see how social media creates valuable customer experiences and generates meaningful ROI for enterprise brands.