Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

By Justin Lafferty 

While some companies really know how to do Facebook marketing right, there are many others that are clueless. PostRocket wants to help the latter group. The company’s co-founder, Mike Maghsoudi, recently posted about five mistakes that he’s seen brands make on Facebook.

One of the worst ways to build a Facebook fan base is to purchase fans. Several shady businesses offer inexperienced Facebook page administrators the chance to buy likes, augmenting their fan total into something more respectable. However, these likes are totally empty and will never engage with any content because they don’t actually exist.

Page admins who use this tactic will also likely end up back at square one, as Facebook has been cracking down by deleting fake profiles.

Maghsoudi recommended that new pages just simply wait and do more marketing of their Facebook pages on their main websites or through word of mouth. Brands can also spread awareness of their Facebook pages in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Once a page has some fans, the next task is to get them engaged. What’s more popular on Facebook than photos of cats and memes? But just because users love to comment on Grumpy Cat photos on George Takei‘s page doesn’t mean that your auto repair shop should follow suit. Posting irrelevant content can actually hurt a page, as users mark it as spam or start to unlike the page.

Other mistakes included posting targeted content to all fans (such as posting an offer that only U.K. users can claim), failing to delete the URL on a link post, and failing to respond to comments:

The whole point of this Facebook marketing thing is to engage with your community, right? It baffles me that pages don’t acknowledge fans who are kind enough to comment on their posts or give some feedback by posting on a page’s wall. It’s so easy to go to your page and like a comment or post by a fan, you have no excuse not to.

Additionally, whether you like it or not, Facebook pages have become a place where customers and users go for support when they run into problems with products or services. You wouldn’t ignore a support email or phone call, so don’t ignore your Facebook fans, either.

 Readers: What other mistakes have you seen pages make on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.