Majestic Media Joins Facebook Marketing Program

By Jackie Cohen 

We continue to hear from companies that have either just joined Facebook’s newly merged preferred marketing developer program or expanded their certifications within it.

Majestic Media just joined Facebook’s marketing program, and Managing Director Mario Zelaya told us about what the Toronto-based company has to offer and its approach to Facebook’s marketing program.

Which areas does Majestic have badges for? What was the process of obtaining them like?

Majestic Media has the apps badge. The process is very intensive and selective. What Facebook did is look at our range and breadth of experience not only serving Fortune 500 companies, but also the extent to the solutions we provided.  It looked at things such as: social by design, whether we adhere to Facebook policy and guidelines, whether or not our Facebook user experience in apps and social nature of our designs were successful. We exceeded on all counts.

Badges are very difficult to obtain. There are some companies that have the apps badge, but cannot do the social strategy and robust custom campaigns that we offer because they are simple contest or app tab applications that are self-serve and geared towards small/medium sized businesses.

So even though another company may have an apps badge, it doesn’t necessarily mean it offers the same level of customization and social by design offering that we have. It could be in a totally different market than we are.

The other badges are:

  • Pages: These are robust tools to help moderate, manage and effectively control brand pages.
  • Insights: They are software-as-a service applications that offer a platform which gives detailed insights, more than Facebook would normally offer.
  • Ads: These are companies like Ad Parlor that offer robust advertising tools, similar or better than Facebook’s own ads platform.

How does being part of the PMD change things for Majestic going forward?

It’s a big win for us because we can now essentially work with Facebook officially in meetings and help our clients come up with the most robust solution for their brand. It allows us to be an extension of Facebook since at times, they have difficulties answering all incoming requests from clients.

Since we know the platform policies, have implemented over 100 large scale campaigns for Fortune 500 brands, we’ve been entrusted to carry on Facebook’s vision while respecting platform policies. This PMD membership allows us to carry a stronger voice and have our voice heard among the market.

We will continue with our path of innovation and creating platforms that are social by nature. That plan and vision has never changed, but now being a PMD, it allows our vision to be amplified even further. It’s great having Facebook give us a badge and say, “Hey world, these guys really know what their doing. You should trust them as you would trust us.”

How does Majestic differ from the other companies that have similar badges?

As mentioned before, there are many many companies that have the similar badget but cannot offer the solutions we have. They are in fact not even in the same space as we are. We’re very very unique as we’ve built a strong reputation in the North American and global market in developing pure custom solutions for our brands.

Our mandate is to constantly push the envelope with what’s possible with the Facebook APIs. We’re into experimenting and trying out new things on the platform where as other companies with a similar badge are still creating simple contests and promotions with a simple entry form.

We’re on a different level in the sense where we think social, social by design, why would people want to engage with this campaign, why would people want to share?

The promotions we build are the type that build a long-lasting impression on brands, rather than a simple “click like and enter.” That was commonplace two years ago. With the timeline and open graph, it’s now about engagement and activation.

What else would you like to tell our readers about Majestic?

Simply that we’re honored to have received this badge and that we’ll continue to push the envelope in terms of innovation on the platform.