Facebook Lops Twitter’s Vine From API Use

By Cameron Scott 

Facebook has evidently cut Vine off its API less than 24 hours after the Twitter product launched.

Twitter launched the video-sharing service earlier today, after acquiring the company in October. Users are prompted to find their Facebook friends — but a Facebook error reveals that Facebook has lopped Vine off its API.

Many apps, including Foursquare, rely on Facebook data provided via an API to connect a user with social contacts. But Facebook’s API rules stipulate that developers “may not use Facebook Platform to export user data into a competing social network without our permission.”

Facebook’s move shows that it increasingly views Twitter as a direct competitor.

According to TechCrunch, Yandex, a popular search engine in Russia, was also blocked from using Facebook’s API for a product it launched today. Yannex launched Wonder, a social search app for iOS that gleans information from users’ social circles on Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter to generate recommendations and answer other questions. If you think Wonder sounds like Graph Search, you’re evidently not alone.