Facebook Wants $710,000 A Day For Log-Out Page Ads

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook reportedly wants about $710,000 per day for a log-out page advertisement visible to everyone in the U.S.

That comes from an Ad Age report citing an anonymous source briefed on the subject. The publication said the figure is actually $550,000 for home-page ads plus $160,000 for the day’s log-out inventory.

We’re not clear whether the $550,000 is actually a monthly fee and the $160,000 is the daily portion.

Facebook doesn’t sell these full-page logoff page ads as standalone product but rather as part of the premium advertising package, which sells on a monthly basis.

The price reported by Ad Age puts Facebook’s log-out page ad in the same range as the most expensive properties online.

Putting such a high figure on this page seems ironic only because most people don’t actually bother to log off of Facebook before surfing elsewhere online.

We believe the number of people who would actually see logoff page ads is small, limited to the most security savvy individuals — perhaps these users’ technology smarts explain the comparatively high pricetag, along with the more obvious fact that the ad spreads across a full page.

Since Facebook announced this new promotion at the end of February, we’ve spotted full-page log-off page advertisements from Bing and Subway.

Readers, how much do you think these promotions should price for?