Facebook Lives to See Another Day!

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Last night I was reading through my RSS feeds and noticed an overall negative tone of the current coverage of Facebook. Brian Groom of the Financial Times reported on information that we posted last week. I’m not sure why this news was recirculated again yesterday but there was coverage about Facebook’s January traffic drop just about everywhere you looked. Fox News proclaimed that the “Facebook Death Spiral Has Begun”.

Media loves negative sensationalism but this is seriously repetitive. Yesterday I continued to receive messages from members, friend requests from other users and my newsfeed updated me on my friends’ latest activities. This will continue and Facebook will continue to grow over the next few months. While many have stated that they have experienced Facebook fatigue, chance are good that this is not the only service they are fatigued from. Facebook is one of the few companies that do anything to fight feature fatigue.

While there will alway be new services that we can register for, recreating our entire social network in each place has already become extremely annoying. That’s why I would argue that users won’t go through all the effort of recreating all the connections they’ve entered in Facebook. After registering for enough social networks, it has become a redundant process that anybody would want to avoid. That’s why they will return to Facebook at least for the next few months and we will see continued growth.