Facebook Live Will Present National Cyber Security Awareness Month Kickoff Event

By David Cohen Comment

You can never be too safe while you’re online, and on that note, the National Cyber Security Alliance will hold an event Friday that will stream on Facebook Live.

The NCSA will kick off its eighth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month in Ypsilanti, Mich., where the Michigan Cyber Security Summit, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and other officials will join NCSA stakeholders and leaders from the Department of Homeland Security. The event’s theme is, “Stop. Think. Connect.”

The event will be presented on Facebook Live tomorrow from 8:15 am through 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time, and viewers will be able to post questions for speakers to answer during the Wwebcast.

The NCSA held its first National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October 2004, and it has followed suit every October since. A full calendar of events is available here.

NCSA Executive Director Michael Kaiser said:

We are delighted to have this momentous event available via Facebook Live. The power of the Internet to allow broad-scale, global communication and connectivity enriches all our lives. The NCSA’s partnership with Facebook gives us incredible reach to computer users of all ages and abilities into this conversation about the need to secure this incredible eco-system and the simple actions they can take to protect their own devices. My thanks to Facebook chief security officer and NCSA board member Joe Sullivan for his incredible support and the expertise he brings to NCSA and will bring to the discussion Friday in Michigan.

Readers, what questions do you have for the experts who will speak at Friday’s kickoff event?