Facebook Likes The Sound Of Mixcloud

By Justin Lafferty 

So you want the quality of DJ-spun music mixes, but you’re stuck in the office? That’s where Mixcloud comes in. The application, which was highlighted Monday in the Facebook developers blog, has been rapidly growing in popularity since it was launched at last year’s f8 conference.

Mixcloud connects users with high-quality mixes, radio shows, and podcasts featuring Moby, Fatboy Slim, Wired, and NPR’s Radiolab. Through the app, which has integrated open graph technology, Facebook users have shared more than 23 million posts on what they’re listening to. Facebook-connected Mixcloud users also spend an average of more than 38 minutes per browsing session. Mixcloud has seen a 40 percent reduction in bounce rate for traffic coming from Facebook, when compared with the site’s average.

Nico Perez, co-founder of Mixcloud, told Facebook how the site has helped his company:

By integrating the Facebook open graph into the core architecture of Mixcloud, we have been able to design a “social” listening experience from day one.

The social network applauds Mixcloud for the ease of signing in through Facebook. It also points out which friends have listened to which Cloudcasts, allowing users to see what their friends enjoy. And Mixcloud compiles content from artists that users are following — a Cloudcast feed.

Readers: Do you listen to music via Mixcloud?