Facebook Likes Confirm Stereotypes for Men and Women [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

In a side-by-side comparison of men versus women on Facebook, this infographic illustrates the difference between the sexes. We wish we had better news to share — this analysis of favorite brands, media preferences, and activities for men and women confirms common stereotypes about both genders.

For example, the top 3 brand categories that women like are retail/services, food and beverage, and fashion; while for men the top 3 brand categories are auto, retail/services, and technology. In the retail/services category, which both genders share, women favor clothing and bath product stores, while men prefer shopping for gadgets, guitars, and motorcycles.

Women’s favorite activities include shopping, baking, dancing, cheerleading, and working out. For men, hunting and fishing, playing guitar, mountain biking, playing music, and bass fishing are popular pastimes. Note that these are all things that anyone, regardless of their gender, can do.

One thing men and women have in common: a sense of smell. Men love Old Spice and AXE, while women love Febreze and Pampers.  See more statistics in this infographic by Compass Labs below.