Facebook Like And Dislike Sell As Rubber Stamps

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Let’s see how long it takes for Facebook’s legal department to get these items pulled from Amazon.com: a self-inking rubber stamp showing the like thumb-up icon plus a thumb-down saying dislike.

The two come in a set that aptly-named Jailbreak Toys sells and Animewild ships, via an Amazon.com listing.

Nowhere does the listing mention Facebook. If the sellers had even the slightest bit of approval from the social network, that would appear in plain English.

The most recent example of an unauthorized novelty item about Facebook, the so-called poking action figure, could only remain on sale for about five days before getting pulled. And it probably only took that long because the retailer was located overseas, in Beijing.

While I had no desire whatseoever to own a $69.90 action figure looking like Mark Zuckerberg, I admit that the $14.62 charged for the self-inking rubber stamps seemed like a deal by comparison, so I immediately ordered a set figuring that they wouldn’t last long.

I suppose discontinuation would make the set a collectors’ item, but I honestly plan to use the stamps for the rare occasion that I like or dislike something in print that isn’t already online.

Readers, what do you think about this latest unauthorized novelty?