Facebook Launches Three New Sponsored Stories

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Today, Facebook sent out a note to large advertisers announcing the introduction of three new types of sponsored stories.

Sponsored stories are the controversial advertisements which turn a user’s content into an actual advertisement. However, Facebook is not calling them “ads.”

  • The page post like story will allow you to surface stories about your fans liking any post from your page, so that their friends (even if they are not yet fans of your page) can see and engage with your post.
  • The app used and game played story will help app and game developers surface stories about people using their app or playing their game, so that their friends will be encouraged to join the App or Game.
  • The domain story will allow you to give more visibility to stories about people liking or sharing something, so that more of their friends will visit your site to discover this piece of content.

There are now a total of seven types of sponsored stories all of which are pictured in the following image:

The latest advertisements should have a substantial impact on the Facebook ad landscape. Page post like stories are a huge opportunity for publications to leverage in order to acquire new readers.

The game and app stories will most definitely become much more common place as games make up a substantial percentage of Facebook’s daily ad inventory.

You can find a comprehensive overview of the latest Facebook sponsored stories in the guide below that Facebook has been sending out to large advertisers.

Thanks to Patrick Toland of TBG Digital for tipping us off!