Facebook Tie-In Boosts Kred Influence Rankings

By Jennifer Moire 

Kred users have the opportunity to boost their influence scores now that Facebook has been added to the ranking system.

When Kred was launched, the influence measurement site used only Twitter feed activity as a measurement of social credibility.

The integration with Facebook is a little trickier, because this larger social network features a larger quantity of acitivity that’s far more varied than what occurs on the likes of Twitter.

Now, Facebook, posts, shares, likes, and comments help inform Kred’s scoring system.┬áKred rankings are based on influence and outreach, which means that the more varied activity on the larger social network — and its plugins for third-party websites — can have a pivotal role in boosting influencers’ scores.

When Facebook users connect to their Kred profile, they immediately receive influence and outreach points for every action on Facebook. Kred also touts its open scoring guide, which explains how points are assigned.

Visitors can see which Facebook interactions earn points, and how their scores are calculated using Facebook activity. Kred is quick to point out on their corporate blog that all of this information is protected.

For more analysis of the integration, check out our sister site Social Times. Meanwhile, do you use tools to measure your Facebook influence?